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API Integration

Unlock the potential of your existing and future technology.

GINsystem API Integration

API Integration

Bring all your tools together.

Can your current and future financial, organizational, and recruitment tools talk to one another? Yes! You found a great new tool that meets a need, but how do you get it out to your members?  Do you really need another website to push? Another login to remember? Another separate site to integrate? With GIN’s Application Programming Interface (API), all your tools work together and members can access them in one place. Billing and payments, badge and jewelry ordering, scholarship applications, membership selection tools–we can bring them all together for a better member experience. We’re simplifying existing technology and keeping tabs on up-and-coming services. We are simplifying logins, too, creating true single sign on between platforms.  This simplified login process offers proven benefits and improved data to our integrated member groups.

Integrate your technology and members can use the GINsystem or GINsystem mobile apps to access everything in one place. No need to visit separate websites or have separate chapter, headquarters, and financial/billing apps.

GIN has successfully integrated multiple organizations across several database platforms and with tools like Billhighway, BidLilly and group badge ordering sites. No one else is taking on these integration challenges, but these are the projects we live for.