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Are you looking for a better way to communicate with members? Are you tired of sending repeated chapter reminders through individual Facebook messages and phone calls? Are you looking for a better way to record your points? Have you ever lost a signup sheet, copied your member directory only to find it is constantly outdated, or lost an important file when an officer left and forgot to pass it on? The GINsystem is the solution!

The GINsystem functions as a member portal for Greek-letter organizations and other groups. Every member has a unique username and password to log into his or her chapter’s secure system.

Features and Benefits

We’re Mobile.

You’re on the go. The GINsystem is too.  The GIN mobile apps for Android and iOS make it easy to check upcoming events, sign up for a philanthropy shift, get a member’s phone number, and get chapter updates, wherever you are.

Officers can run the chapter right from their phones, too.  Send mass texts or emails, add events and post announcements, right from your mobile device.   And for GIN National Partners, the mobile directory syncs with your member database, just like with your web-based GINsystem.

GIN Text Messages

Create an unlimited number of email and text-messaging groups so you can communicate with your chapter the way you want to and send info only to the people who need it (intramural teams, house residents, junior class, etc.). Mass text messaging is FREE to the chapter and a great way to stay in touch.
GINsystem mobile
GINsystem desktop


Never live in the world of the lost signup sheet again—manage it all in GIN. With the Questions feature, you can survey the chapter, post a poll and get anonymous feedback, manage t-shirt orders, bus signups and philanthropy shifts.   Set up just the question you need—provide choices or allow for open responses.  You can even lock signups when a shift or bus gets full.  And it’s easy to download responses.  Want to set up a vote for immediate feedback? Set up a question as a “quick vote” and members will get a notification of the question and must answer before they can move to another page. It’s perfect for chapter elections and other votes during meetings.


Forget a meeting? Not with the GINsystem.  Check and update your calendar on the go—the online calendar is easy to access and can be exported to iCal and Google Calendar.   Make life easier when you set automatic reminders to go out to members via email and text message.

Emergency Check-In

Campus emergency or severe weather threat? Use the Emergency Check-In feature to quickly locate members in your chapter. Any administrator can initiate a check-in and members get a notification to respond and mark themselves as okay. Administrators can then see all checked-in members by status or location on a map. Simplify crisis communication and speed chapter connections during stressful situations. Better and faster than phone trees and texts!

Attendance Tracking

Tired of sign-in sheets and roll call? Use the GINsystem Attendance tracking feature and members can check in using GPS technology on their mobile devices or by entering a passcode. It’s easy to set up check-in when an officer creates an calendar entry.

Study Hours Tracking

Simplify study hour tracking using the Study Hours feature! Administrators create approved study locations in the GINsystem app and once created, members can easily track study time on the GINsystem mobile app simply by clicking “start studying” when in range of the study location. When a member leaves the location or clicks “stop studying,” tracking stops. No more notebooks in the library or need for proctors to monitor. Track it all and view reports, right in the GINsystem.

More Great Features

The GINsystem has other great features, too.  From the web or a mobile device it’s easy to view your chapter directory, check out shared files, post on a chapter message board, and even track participation points.  Try it free for your individual chapter or bring it to your national organization!

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