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This video shows the benefits of the GINsystem specific to an officer’s role in the chapter.

This video shows the benefits of the GINsystem for a member in your chapter.

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If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with sending a million Facebook messages to chapter members or losing a sign-up sheet that got passed around a crowded room, the GINsystem is the solution. If you’ve ever wished you could access chapter info from your phone or wanted a cool website for your group, the GINsystem can help with that too!

Delta Delta Delta has partnered with GIN to provide a members-only GINsystem and a public chapter website for each collegiate chapter!

Here you can find information and tips on using the GINsystem, external websites, and all the other great features GINsystem offers!


With ΔΔΔ’s GINsystem partnership, your chapter will have a compelling online presence with a website that highlights ΔΔΔ, which your chapter can customize to fit its needs. The sites are mobile-friendly and a great way to promote your chapter to the community. And they’re easy to update with no special knowledge! Add pages, files, videos, and more—it’s easy!

GINsystems (Members-Only)

This will serve as your members-only tool where all members will go to stay updated on all of the information within your chapter. In the GINsystem you can post files, announcements, events, questions, send out emails/text messages, and more! The great thing about the GINsystem is you will use your Tri Delta username and password to log in. That means one username and password and profile for everything Tri Delta!


Still have questions? Click here to read answers to Tri Delta’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Your GINsystem is easy to use and easy to update, but we want to make sure you get the most from our tools. Join one of our 30-minute online tour webinars and learn all you need to reach expert status. Any member or officer can participate!

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Choose a GINsystem or website online tour session (or both!) by clicking the button below. GIN will confirm your online tour session time and details via email. Internet access via computer or mobile device is required.

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2-3 minutes before your online tour session, click below to enter the online tour room. Once you login, you’ll find a call-in number to join via phone, or you can listen through your device’s speakers. No microphone required.

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