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What We Do

We make technology simple so you can focus on your members.

We want you to love your technology tools.

We want you to love your technology and view us your resource and partner, not just a provider.  And we want your technology tools to talk to one another, giving your members a comprehensive, simplified, and integrated experience. Whether it’s a comprehensive chapter communication tool like your GINsystem or our Colony Manager extension application, we design our tools to grow with your organization, and we don’t nickel and dime you with add-ons and monthly charges.  Our tools are user friendly, but we know you won’t get maximum benefit from them unless you understand how to use them, and we’ll make sure that happens, too. When we work on a project, we’ll work hard to make your launch a smooth one. From the discovery phase where we learn about your goals and objectives through to the design phase, where we create your project’s unique look–we’ll make sure you are satisfied. Once your project is ready, we’ll test it, then we’ll help with launch and implementation. Our team is experienced implementing our tools quickly and to large audiences, and we look forward to developing a launch plan with your group. We understand the numerous demands of staff members and national volunteers, and we will manage the implementation process for the applications and assist with developing launch communication. Our passion for our own member organizations directly influences GIN’s fundamental understanding: quality member connections are the lifeblood of any group.  We make it simple. Learn more about our Application Programming Interface and how your tools can work together.

Safe and Secure

No worries.

GIN’s state-of-the-art software was developed from scratch and has been patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our programmers and designers are experts in their fields. Our privacy policies, hacker protection, and overall security are verified by McAfee HackerSafe, Verisign, ControlScan, and the Better Business Bureau. Aside from providing our own best-in-class backup systems, we also contract with a separate company’s data center for backup redundancy. Our Data Center employs the most advanced security and backup systems available today. This guarantees that your data will never be lost, your data will always be secure and private, and that your system will always be available.